Short Story Competition 2019

As part of World Book Day 2019, I organised my first ever Short Story Competition, open to children all across Harlow and the villages, aged 5-11-years-old.

Children were invited to submit works of fiction, up to 500 words.

The competition has been a huge success, with over 200 entries from 18+ primary schools in Harlow!

After much deliberation, I have managed to whittle it down to two winners (one from KS1 and one from KS2) who have each won a hand-picked selection of books, courtesy of Pearson UK, a tour with their families of the Houses of Parliament and a catch-up with me in my office.

KS1 winner: Georgina (aged 7) from Tany’s Dell Primary School – The Selfish Prince

KS2 winner: Ruby (aged 11) from Jerounds Primary School – The Burn

Read the winning entries below!

Key Stage 1 winning entry: Georgina, aged 7, Tany’s Dell Primary School – The Selfish Prince

Key Stage 2 winning entry: Ruby, aged 11, Jerounds Primary School – The Burn

Other notable entries