Press Release – Henry Moore School Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Henry Moore’s School Council travelled to Westminster on Monday for a tour of the Houses of Parliament and to meet with me.

It was a pleasure to meet such bright and inquisitive students and I was very happy to answer all of their tough questions! Lots of them wanted to be MPs when they grow up so we can be assured that Harlow will be in safe hands for many years to come!

Over the last year, my office have taken over 400 residents on a tour of Parliament and another 110 local students have visited me here with the Parliament Education Centre as well.

If you are a constituent and would like to come in for a tour of the House of Commons, then please just email me at and I’d be very pleased to arrange one for you.

If you work in a school and are interested in bringing students of any ages to Parliament, then you can find out more about the wide range of free workshops and visits that you can organise by calling the Parliament Education Service on 0207 219 4496.