Business Rates Drop to build an Even Better Harlow

The Government’s new business rate proposals will see an 8% reduction in business rates across Harlow.
As Harlow’s MP, I’ve been working hard to ensure that businesses get fair rates and are encouraged to bring apprenticeships and jobs back to our town.
I’ve always worked hard to support businesses so I am delighted that the Government’s announced changes show that Harlow’s businesses rates will go down by 8%.
These proposed business rates changes come on top of:
  • cutting red tape so companies can focus on productivity and not bureaucracy;
  • cutting corporation tax so companies can re-invest more profits and are rewarded for success;
  • having already lifted 450,000 employers out of National Insurance Contributions all together and cuts in NI for other businesses hiring apprentices under the age of 25, all to create more jobs and apprenticeships.
From 2020, we will also be switching the inflation measure used to calculate business rates from RPI to CPI which will save businesses an additional £370 million in the first year alone.
The Communities and Local Government Secretary has said, “Britain is home to more private sector businesses that at any time in history, and this is why more people are in work that ever before.
We will never do anything to jeopardise the future of businesses in this country, particularly the small businesses that from the backbone not just of our economy but of our communities. That’s why we’re taking long-planned serious action to lower many business rate bills and offer relief to those who will see their bills rise.”
My priority as MP is to ensure that business big and small are supported and encouraged in Harlow to help bring jobs, security and prosperity to our town.