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Congratulations to @halfon4harlowMP for his hard work to bring Public Health England to #Harlow #PartyOfWorkers


Important letter from the Department for Transport with more details on the announcement of J7a. ... See MoreSee Less

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Important information from Essex Police. Please share with any friends or family you have in Jaywick, Mistley or Mersea.

“Evacuation of homes in Jaywick, Mistley and Mersea will begin immediately to keep residents safe ahead of expected severe flooding tonight.

A severe flood warning is in place for Jaywick, Mistley and Mersea for high tide tonight, expected around 0015.

A full evacuation plan for both Jaywick, Mistley and Mersea was triggered at 1040.

Essex Police Chief Inspector Russ Cole said: “I need residents in Jaywick, Mistley and Mersea to comply with police instruction and evacuate immediately. Latest forecasting tells us that risk has moved to the next high tide expected just after midnight. That threat has led to a severe flood warning being put in place for tonight’s high tide.”

“Keeping people safe is our only priority and we will be evacuating residents from Jaywick, Mistley and Mersea. I need people to comply police and other agency instructions. The evacuation is most safely executed in daylight hours, especially given anticipated at-or-below freezing temperatures tonight. We have activated our evacuation plans and are working closely with other partners including the other emergency services, local authorities, health and social care.”

A rest centre has been established at Tendring Education Centre, Jaywick Lane, Clacton, CO16 8BA will accommodate Jaywick residents until their homes are deemed safe to return to. Domestic pets will be accommodated but any which require specialised care will not be able to be taken to the rest centres. Can accommodate around 1600 people.

Residents in Mistley will also be evacuated to Tendring Education Centre.

A rest centre at the Mica Centre, 38a High Street, West Mersea CO5 8QA, will accommodate Mersea residents until their homes are deemed safe to return to. Domestic pets will be accommodated but any which require specialised care will not be able to be taken to the rest centres.
Police will be patrolling in the areas from where people have been evacuated to ensure property left unattended is as secure as possible.

We are also mindful of other inclement weather due to hit the county including the wider risk low temperatures leading to potentially icy road and also the possibility of snow.

Residents in Jaywick, Mistley and Mersea are advised to:

· When you have been safely evacuated, let friends or family know where you are. If you are at a rest centre, stay there. Do not attempt to return to your home.

· Work with local officers to ensure they follow instruction given about evacuations

· Pack a bag of clothes and have any essential medical items and medication ready for when you need to leave home

· Ensure any valuables and or expensive electrical items such as televisions are stored in higher areas in your home should there be a flood

Residents can get the latest information and advice from the Essex Police website www.essexpolice.uk, Twitter @EssexPoliceUK, and Facebook or the Environment Agency www.environnment-agency.gov.uk as well as from Tendring District Council, Colchester Borough Council and our partners.



The public are advised to contact the police on the non-emergency number 101 if they have any concerns about their safety or that of their family. In an emergency the public should call 999.

People can also call the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for the latest flood warnings in their own area.”
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Bio Robert lives in Harlow, and was first elected Member of Parliament in 2010. He was re-elected in the 2015 General Election and was promoted to Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and attended the Cabinet as a Minister without portfolio from until July 2016. In July 2016, Robert was appointed as Minister of State for Higher Education, Skills, Apprenticeships and Careers in the Department of Education by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May. Read More